Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweaterfunk! - The Shameless Self Promotion

Never before have I worked with such a crew of DJ's so entirely devoted to digging, discovering, and sharing rare grooves. Not to mention the friendliest, kindest, most enjoyable folks to work with. Everyone is exceptionally humble and total and complete sweethearts. But, no where is the love stronger felt and realized than it is with the music we play. Sweaterfunk crew is not concerned with mainstream, but excited by the obscure and unknown. Yet, commercial or underground, the only qualification seems to be.. 'if it's hot, it has a spot'. The highlight or our energy is closely aligned with Boogie, a sound that brought together Funk, Disco, Soul, Rock, and molded them into it's own. And, much like the sound of that era, its had the same effect here locally with our crew. Brought together by the interest in Boogie are DJ's from diverse back grounds of Hip-Hop, Funk, 60's Soul, 70's Soul, Disco, Ska and International.
We've had a great first year. Growing from two cats (Jacob and Jon) painstakingly carrying sub cabinets into a basement for an audience of 5 to 10 people, to a family of 12 DJ's and one incredible designer captivating crowds packed shoulder to shoulder, cheek to cheek, every Sunday night, for FREE. We've accumulated quite a little reputation, been awarded The San Francisco Weekly's Best Club Night, and blown minds including our own. We've had an arsenal of special guests sharing the Boogie love, and had our hero and founding father Dam Funk grace the decks. It's been a dope year, but as we are embarking into our second, there's lots more to come. So, we launch this blog as well, to further spread the word and share our goodies.

MUCH love to my Sweaterfolks, all peeps that keep dance music strong, and
those that need and value love. It's a 'mad love' situation y'all.
-Sean 'Boogie' Sullivan - Soundboutique

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